Well, It's getting close to that time of year again! Winter is fast approaching and that means it's wraaaaastlin' season! I am honored and privileged to be the Cibola Jr. Wrestling Coach this upcoming season, Just wanted to let you all know of a few dates to highlight on your calendar that are coming up.
-Early Registration will be 2 days (Sept. 30 @5:30-7 P.M., as well as Oct. 1 @1-2P.M.)
-The rest of Registration days will be Oct. 9 @2-3P.M. & Late Registration will be Oct. 19 @5:30-7P.M.
-All Registration will be held @Cibola High School
-Also, if anyone is interested in going to Freak Show in Las Vegas, NV (Oct. 21-23) this year, let me know ASAP so we can get practice in as well as look at funds for traveling.
-First Official Day of Practice will be Oct. 25 with a Meet & Greet @5:30P.M. with me, then we will get started at 5:45-7:15P.M. and practices will run Tuesday through Thursday after that, and I will let you know of the schedule later on when we get to Thanksgiving